The Art of Collecting

We are a group of art lovers at Lillian August. So when Lillian’s son, John Weiss decided to start an art gallery for fine art in the Lillian August Design Center it made perfect sense. Since The Gallery at Lillian August opened in the Fall of 2014 it has become a sought after destination for artists to exhibit their work and a unique destination for art collectors.

Photo by Luv Bajaj for Lillian August.

Elizabeth Ethridge McGann is the unofficial Gallery Director (in addition to being Director of Marketing & Client Relations). With a passion for fine art and expertise in the field (honed during her early career at Sotheby’s and Manhattan galleries), Elizabeth is dedicated to a thoughtful preparation for each show, from catalogs and promotional efforts, to art openings and artist lectures.

Photo by Ric Kallaher for Lillian August.

The most recent exhibition at The Gallery at Lillian August is a group show titled ART AFFAIR — a nod to our collective love of art and the talented artists in our local area. The first group show since the gallery’s inception, it brings together abstract paintings by five artists with distinct points of view and techniques but who all share a gift for powerful compositions that embrace color and texture.

Photo by Ric Kallaher for Lillian August.

Each painting on view in ART AFFAIR is fascinating to contemplate in the context of a larger exhibition – the deep color saturation in paintings by Dominique Fierro, the painterly layers of texture in works by David Morico, the gold leaf and crushed glass that accent Lisa Bagley’s abstractions, the sublime quality of light in Lisa Kennedy’s work and Meighan Morrison’s bold brushstrokes that command one’s attention.

Lisa BagelyPhoto by Ric Kallaher for Lillian August.

Meighan Morrison - Photo by Ric Kallaher for Lillian August.

Lisa Kennedy - Photo by Ric Kallaher for Lillian August.

David Morico - Photo by Ric Kallaher for Lillian August.

Update, April 2016:

The Gallery at Lillian August is excited to announce the addition of two new artists to the group show, ART AFFAIR.

Dollka Gracia Morico

Dollka Gracia Morico, Travel Series, 36” x 48”, acrylics and mixed media on wood

This Norwalk-based artist (with a studio across the street from the Lillian August Design Center) creates fun and feminine paintings inspired by iconic luxury brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Veuve Cliquot. In works that are heavily layered with thick textures of paint, the artist pays tribute to the remarkable stories behind her favorite luxury brands using expressive brushstrokes to enhance her playful illustrations of handbags, champagne bottles and logos. With a background in advertising, Morico enjoys taking these logos and products into new and exciting directions.

Lisa Cuscuna

Lisa Cuscuna, Black & Red, 26” x 72”, oil on linen (detail image)

A graduate of The Cooper Union School of Art with over thirty-five years of experience in the art world, Lisa Cuscuna has made a living making video art and photography. Her new body of work explores the element of chance in painting. Cuscuna is interested in pouring thinned oil paint over a canvas with spontaneous and unfettered results. After the paint has been poured she contemplates the canvas and then adds her own applications of paint with a palette knife. As the artist says, “A simple deliberate line or stroke of color in some works is indicative of the restraint required to achieve the end results.”