A Q&A with Nancy Galasso and Richard Cerrone, Lillian August Senior Designers

Nancy Galasso and Richard Cerrone, dynamic Senior Designer duo, teamed up to create the stunning Living Room for the Traditional Home Hampton Designer Showhouse 2017. Read on to learn more about their process and experience with the design. 

What were your first thoughts when you got the opportunity to design the Family Room at this year’s Hampton Designer Showhouse?

NG: We were really happy to be a part of it, a part of the showhouse designer community. It was great to be with our peers and friends, and to have the chance to meet new people within the community as well. 

What was your initial inspiration, and how did you bring it to life?

RC: Definitely the window treatment fabric [“Jemma” by Manuel Canovas]. 

What was the biggest challenge with this room?

NG: No walls! The fact that it was an open space with the surrounding rooms very much visible, and not knowing what everyone else was doing in terms of their designs and color schemes. The fact that it was so close together.
RC: Exactly—the space was no walls, all doors, open to all the rooms.

NG: But we wanted to make it stand out regardless, and decided to use lots of color. 

Do you have a favorite piece from the room’s final design?

RC: The chandelier [“Light Drops” by Studio Bel Vetro]. 

If you were to describe your personal style in a few words, what would they be?

NG: casual, elegant, & chic. 
RC: luxury & comfort. 

What design tips would you give to someone who wanted to replicate this style?

NG: Don’t be afraid, have confidence. 

RC: Think outside the box and go for it!

Where is your favorite place to shop in Southampton?

RC: Lots of surf shops.

NG: There was one particular place called Flying Point we really liked.  

Where is your favorite place to eat in Southampton?

Both: Ristorante Sant Ambroeus. 


Explore the 2017 Hampton Designer Showhouse Family Room here