Design Tips from Senior Designers Angela & Lisa

We sat down with Lillian August senior designers Angela Carmada and Lisa Hymanfor some tips on designing bedrooms and multifunctional spaces, inspired by their recent work for the Bloom Apartment; read on to learn more!

How did this space as a whole come together?

LH: Continuity of color was key.
AC: We were faced with the challenge of having a very large, multifunctional room. We had four separate needs for one area—you need to make sure it all flows as you’re dividing it.
As much as you, as a designer, want to create separate spaces, you also want it to connect. We had dining, comfortable living, kitchen, and tv areas. But it all flowed from one to the next with color and texture.

It doesn’t have to “match” but it has to relate. There has to be a common thread; even if it’s very subtle, there has to be a connection. With windows lining the outer walls, we used the same window treatments to maintain continuity across all the spaces. The intricate beaded wallpaper worked to do this as well—it carries you through as it wraps around the entire space.
The rugs were also continuous, and worked as the foundation of the design. The rugs at either end of the room were the same, with a different one in the center. They mirrored one another, and tied the spaces together.

 How did the design for the bedroom come to be?

We stuck with a monochromatic color scheme.
Again, continuity of color was a defining part of styling the space.
This room had a high ceiling and windows lining one wall, so we installed window treatments going all the way up to the ceiling. To really emphasize the height the room had to offer, we took the treatments past the molding, all the way up to the crown.
—yes, you’re “allowed” to do this. We also used the poster bed to build off of the feeling of height.

What colors work well in bedrooms?

Soothing, soft, restful colors.
The bedroom is a place where you want to be peaceful, with a sense of serenity.
Here we used a lavender palette with silvers throughout—it feels like a big blanket wrapped around you.

 How do you make up the perfect bed?

To achieve the feeling of luxury for this bed, we used lots of layers, textures, and beautiful bed linens.
The construction itself is all about the layers—coverlet, duvet cover, a throw on top of that—and then layers of pillows on top. Euro shams, king pillows, and then a lumbar or smaller throws.

 How would you accessorize bedside tables?

Generally, wonderful lamps if you have room for them.
You don’t want to over-accessorize because they have to function. There are things people need—a clock, a book, glasses or a charger. Keep it simple with smaller accessories—candles, frames, or flowers.


Take a look at the finished design here