Summer 2017's Top Design Questions

We sat down with Lillian August Project Manager Pat Bidwell to get answers to the top design questions from this Summer. 

How do I balance bright colors?
Definitely ground them with neutrals.

What's the best way to mix patterns?
All of the colors have to be related--you can mix any and all patterns together as long as there is color continuity.

Is it okay to mix multiple design styles in my home?
Yes it is, but you have to be careful with it. You want to make that juxtaposition between different styles make sense. But it can be done--use specific pieces to tie it all together.

I have a space to design--where do I start?
Start at the floor--rugs! Always. This is the item to splurge on.

I'm a new homeowner--how do I design multiple spaces at once without going crazy?
Start designing around the big pieces in every room. It's very important to know how you're going to use the space; do you entertain often, do you have kids or pets--what is the lifestyle, who lives here?

Tips for interior design beginners?
Keep it simple.


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