FAQ - To The Trade

Can I share my membership or discount?

No. Membership is no transferrable and may only be used in our CT and NY locations. Your discount cannot be applied to your client’s retail purchases. All purchase orders must be put through by the registered trade member in order for the trade discounts to apply.

Can I pay with my client’s credit card?

Yes. If you pass on your discount to clients, you can pay with their credit card. As a registered member, you still have to put through all purchase orders. We will not take orders from your client nor will we share any information directly with them on your orders.

Do I process my orders?

No. Our trade department does and will follow up with you on all orders.

What if my client calls the store to inquire about an order I placed?

We will not communicate any order or account information with your clients. When your client calls we will take their information and request. We will contact you then to discuss their inquiry and provide you with pertinent information so you can get back to them.

How long will it take to receive an order?

Lead-times differ for various products and manufacturers. Contact us and we will provide you with an approximate delivery date within 2 weeks of purchase. We will provide you with updates as necessary or upon request.