Nain, Hand Knotted Persian Rug - 6' 9" x 10' 2"

Heavily influenced by Shah Abbas the Great, the Iranian King of the Safavid Dynasty, the city of Isfahan soon turned into a manufacturing powerhouse. Nain carpets were soon created by the artisans in this city, whom they say looked up at the domes of the mosques for inspiration. The central medallion is like the fingerprint of the rug, since no two central medallions are the same. This centerpiece is typically connected by tendrils and surrounded by arabesques. The elements inherent in all Persian rugs are human's closeness to nature, which is why animals and floral motifs are commonly used in the design. In general, Nain carpets are beautiful and luxurious, and are very finely knotted using fine wool and sometimes silk detailing. The Nain carpet is a luxurious alternative to its parent rug, the Isfahan.